Call it a sideline; call it a creative release; call it a passion. However it has evolved, photography for me is an eye on life itself -- sometimes straight on; sometimes with that unique look you haven't seen before. Photography has evolved within my work, my family, my travels, my adventures as a Scoutmaster, and so on...

Along the way, photos have won awards and been published, with highlights including:
  • publication in The Washington Post
  • publication in the Smithsonian's Zoogoer
  • publication in Modern Luxury - DC
  • publication in Scouter Digest, including multiple cover photos
  • 3-time winner in the Boy Scouts of America's national centennial photography competition, published in Boy Scouts of America - TODAY - a Photographic Celebration of 21st Century Scouting
  • Award-winning pet photographer, including publication in the Toyota Dog Days calendar
  • "Pic of the Pack" winner in Capital Photography Center's student showcase
  • Penn Camera photo competition winner