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The 1997 tree lighting design takes on a sophisticated air from the very beginning, starting with a glorious, diamond broach-like tree topper that radiates light in all directions as if to send a message of peace.

115,000 lights of varying types and sizes work together to create a dramatic effect as computers and electronics move the tree design through three lighting sequences, emphasizing a patriotic color scheme of red, white and blue.

All scenes have a strong blue background. The blue background in the first scene is accentuated with blue string-a-long miniature lights, classic blue lights, and twinkling string-a-long clear lights that crete depth and motion. Vertical green branch garland is aglow with clear and red traditional Christmas lights. Strategically placed on the garland are round, disk-like ornaments, framed in read and silver garland and illuminated with clear and red lights on a silver reflective material. The center of each ornament has a diamond-shaped reflective covering that visually creates a small star.

(President Clinton)

[Scanned from original photographic slide.]