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Plans were for the Scouts to hike the Lötschenpass. But with one Scout out with a foot injury from the prior day, and learning our two 13-year olds were not allowed with no exception (in spite of being two strong hikers), we were quickly in search of an alternative. Our "Pinkie" (aka - KISC Guide) Rob, reviewing what activities we'd already taken part in, quickly offered a great alternative -- hiking the Ueschinen valley. This was the one remaining major Kandersteg valley we had not already seen, and indeed quite different, and included a lunch stop at the Ueschinen hut (the other hut maintained by KISC in addition to the Gfellalp hut we stayed at previously), making us one of the rare groups to actually visit both KISC huts.

We started the hike taking the Almenalp cable car into the mountains (where we came across a group of llamas of all things!), and then hiked along with numerous views of Kandersteg valley, then into the Ueschinen valley to the hut, and ultimately down to the Kander river and back into KISC.